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Let's face it, nobody likes to wait for anything. If it isn't here instantly it is just not worth the effort. Easy Mac in five minutes. Five! Who wants to wait that long. I don't. A hot, fresh pizza in 30 minutes. But come on, if I want pizza I want it yesterday already. And don't even get me started waiting those four seconds for my GPS to tell me where to go. Might as well be dial-up. We all, at times, can be like this (unless you work at the post office, then it's the opposite). But sometimes it is the slow build, the slow grind, that builds anticipation. It is what makes an event or activity really worth wild. It is, after months (if not years) of working out and dieting every day, reaching that desired weight. It is after years of being in love with someone having them finally say they love you back. It is like the Cubs winning the World Series. All right, so that last one is a bad example. But in just about everything, the build, slowly but surely, is what makes it all that much sweeter. That is why a tantric massage Vegas experience is such an amazing time.

What is a Las Vegas Tantra Massage?

Tantra or tantric (both are nearly interchangeable), is the art of slowly building pleasure without completely pushing it over the edge. It allows the activity to last for hours, if not longer. It is the prolonging of pleasure. In this instance, it is almost all about the journey and not about the final resort. I once asked an ex if she could have sex with one celebrity, who would it be. She responded with a surprising answer: Sting. When asked why, she said because he, reportedly, practiced tantric sex. Of course she ended up settling for a half dozen other guys along the way, but what are you going to do. It does show the power of a tantric experience though and how desirable it can be, if you can find someone who knows what they are doing.

Las Vegas Tantric Massage

With a tantric massage Las Vegas experience, you receive something similar. It is not just about jumping right into the fun. It is a slow build of pleasure. Of course everyone experiences massage pleasure a bit differently from others, so it is about the escort discovering what feels good, what doesn't and how to slowly but surely push those boundaries. That way every second is slightly better than the previous, and every minute is better than the last. It continues to build this way. You want the end to come so you can get that massage release, but you're not just teased up to the edge and brought back down. You can see the edge from miles away as you move slowly up to it.

Here is a great analogy for you. Water is refreshing and everyone drinks it, but you don't really think twice about it. If you found yourself in the desert though and thirsty, the water becomes so much more. Maybe you see a watering hole miles away from you, so you begin that slow walk to the water. Every step you move a bit closer, and while it takes so much longer to reach, when that cool drip of water finally touches your mouth, it is the greatest feeling and the greatest taste you've ever experienced. You can't even explain it to others, it is just that amazing.

That is what a tantric massage Las Vegas experience is like. It is a slow build and you see it coming. By the time you finally culminate at the end of the massage, it simply is the greatest feeling you've ever experienced and you don't even know how to explain it to friends or family members. It simply is a tantric massage, and the only way to explain it is to have that other person receive one themselves.