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Robin Has A Craving To Be Naked

Robin loves everything there is about being an escort in Palm Springs

I'd Love To Show You Around

Hello! My name is Robin and I am a Palm Springs escort. Being an escort means a lot to me, especially in Palm Springs. Men really appreciate my gorgeous tits and my tight round ass. They also love the amazing time that I show them in the city. You have not experienced Palm Springs until you have experienced it with me. Do you think it’s hot here? Wait until I get you alone. Then you’re really going to know what hot is.

I moved here from a small town and I was pretty shy at first. Men would approach me a lot because of my beauty, but I didn’t know what to say. I was an exotic dancer in some strip clubs for a while and that helped bring me out of my shell. My friend suggested that I become an escort. She said it was a lot more fun than being a stripper. Now that I’ve been an escort for a while; I see that she was right.

Palm Springs has so many amazing things that we can do. Did you know that there are some amazing Casinos here? Places like Agua Caliente Casino and spa or Fantasy Springs Resort Casino are great places to party. There are also some great bars and more of a variety than you would think. I have learned the city very well since I’ve been here. I want to show you what I’ve learned and take you to the best party spots. This is just part of what makes me a highly skilled Palm Springs escort.

My most impressive Palm Springs escort skills will be showcased in your room. I love partying on the town, but I am most comfortable one on one. My favorite thing to do is role playing. I’m a small town girl so I’m really good at the innocent girl next door act. I could also be a cheerleader who puts on a cheer just for you. After my cheer, I’ll do the splits on your lap. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Well, that’s just part of what you can look forward to when you get me alone.

Are you sure that I am the best escort for you? I can tell you more about me and what I can do for you, but I would rather show you. Call me and let’s set something up. You deserve it.

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